Weber.Pral-M is ideal for most masonary and concrete substrates and offers the user the opportunity to select from a wide range of available finishes. It is formulated to take full advantage of the short application programme achievable with one coat renders and, subject to weather conditions, can be applied and scraped in a single day.

Weber.Pral-M is usually pump applied using a spray rendering machine in two passes depending on the condition and construction of the substrate and degree of protection required, it is easy to work and provides an economic, quality, exterior treatment for all types of building.

Amongst the varied finishes is the ability to achieve an appearance similar to weathered stonework, cut 'ashlar' details, quoins and other architectural features on the facade. This technique can be used to maximum advantage when combined with other more textured finishes. It provides architects and building designers the opportunity to create original solutions for the individual project.

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Weber.Therm XP EWI system

The main advantages of an External Wall Insulation System (EWI):

Developed nations are leading the way in a drive to reduce carbon emissions. the built environment is believed to be a major contributor to carbon emissions in the UK so there is a need for sustainability in new and existing buildings. To this end, external 'warm wall' construction is a growth sector. Weber has developed an external wall insulation (EWI) system that addresses the issues of external wall thermal performance called 'weber.therm XP'.

Parex Monorex

Monorex is suitable for rendering masonry composed of clay bricks, concrete blocks or lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks; Durisol dry stacked interlocking wall units; existing sound renders, shuttered concrete walls; base coats conforming to BS5262; or in conjunction with grey weather resistant base coats such as Tradirex or Parmurex and for rendering existing walls and old substrates.

It is a one-coat, breathable, weather resistant decorating render for masonry and concrete walls. Available in 48 standard colours (special colours to order), the render provides an excellent finish and good surface hardening.

The material is suitable for spraying or hand application and can be finished in a range of styles from medium scraped, light tyrolean to heavy roughcast textured finishes.

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K Rend E Grade

K Rend Scraped Textured Finishes are the first to have achieved the prestigious Kitemark license to BS EN 998:2003. The Kitemark is the world's premier symbol of trust, illustrating our commitment to providing you with the highest standard of quality products and service.

These renders form an attractive range of one coat applications plastered directly on to block work. They can also be used as a finish in conjunction with a K Rend Base Coat. This type of application is suitable for Ashlar cutting.

Using innovative silicone technology, Silicone Spray E Grade is designed for use with render spray machines. They are ideal for larger projects where the speed of machine application can offer time saving benefits.

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