Worldwide, the Weber group has been the leader in the innovation, development and supply of modern renders, rendering techniques and systems. From traditional trade products in domestic applications to modern innovative render systems in demanding commercial programmes, you can specify Weber renders and associated products with confidence. Totally committed to quality, customer service and the ongoing development of high performance materials, Weber provides a Ten Year Guarantee in support of its products in use.

Drawing on worldwide resources, extensive research and development programmes keep products conforming to international standards and performing ahead of the field. Ease of use and reliability in service are basic precepts. Quality Assurance in manufacture is maintained through the use of modern plant and stringent quality testing during all stages of manufacture to ensure that the product you buy is the very best there is.

The Weber Ten Year Guarantee covers all Weber products as long as they have been applied in accordance with the company's specification and instructions. Reliable and trouble-free projects depend upon quality products applied following good working practice. Installations so applied and used within their design parameters have the full backing of the Weber guarantee for ten years. Practical experience has proven a much longer life expectancy. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

Third Party Accreditation

In addition to the Weber guarantee, independent accreditation provides specifiers with further reassurance that materials perform in use and that they will continue to perform over the life of the project. Many Weber renders and systems have accreditation from independent authorities suitable for the markets where they are used, which include the British Board of Agrement and the Irish Agrement Board.

Copy certificates can be supplied electronically or in printed formats.

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